Astro Gaming A20 Call Of Duty Wireless Gaming Headset – PlayStation 4 / PC

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Pair the A20 wireless headset with the A20 transmitter to game better and win more – without being tethered to your console, PC or Mac. ASTRo audio will be transmitted on the 5 GHz wireless band to your ears for unmatched clarity and fidelity. The A20 wireless headset is more than about hearing clearly. Its flip-to-mute microphone also allows you to be heard clearly. Use the ASTRO Command Center Software to customize various audio parameters including Game:Voice Balance and mic level adjustments, and save them to game your way on the battlefield. With durable construction and extended comfort, the A20 wireless headset enables you to play longer with no downtime.


The A20 wireless headset is tuned for gaming with immersive, accurate, and precise audio. Experience your game audio exactly as the developers intended with signature EQ profiles created by ASTRO’s engineering experts. You’ll always hear your enemies coming.


With the ASTRO Command Center software, tune every input and output parameter including mic level adjustments. Create and save your own EQ modes so you’re always locked into the best gaming audio experience exactly the way you want to hear it

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